Motivational Speaker
Shannon Moore is a phenomenal motivational speaker for colleges, seminars and other events. Her informative lecture topics can be altered to suit any occasion. The interactive audience participation during Shannon's presentations create a riveting, fun-filled ride for listeners.



Lecture Topics

  1. How students can save money - with daily living, budgeting, principles with spending
  2. Character traits for success - qualities needed to prepare for any job and to continue growing in any work environment, make strong work relationships
  3. Leadership Workshop - Qualities of good & bad leaders, exercises to conquer fears and strengthen leaders
  4. Keeping your faith in college/work
  5. Lets Talk About Sex Seminar - How sex has changed in our culture, why students are having sex, how sex affects students' life
Shannon Moore

Quinnipiac University



"Refreshing. I'd love to have her back."

- Peter Bloedel, professor at Bethany Lutheran College


"Rejuvenating...with Shannon's experiences and skills, she has a lot to offer students."

- Leo C. Young III, Activities Coordinator at Georgia Southern University


"Shannon was the best conference that Ferrum has had...wonderful speaker-very dynamic, uplifting, down to earth, powerful message...left quite an impression."

- Melanie, student at Ferrum College


"Shannon is passionate about what she does. Not many speakers care as much and that sets her apart."

- Ali, student at Georgia Southern University